Speedriding lessons

Organization of the speed riding lessons

The speed riding lessons offered are in the form of a private lesson. In order to offer personalized, in-depth instruction that corresponds to the rigour demanded by extreme sports, Val Speedriding offers you a specially adapted package to ensure you progress with maximum safety. Speed riding lessons are available for all levels. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or even an experienced rider who wants to progress, the “private lesson” package enables you to quickly achieve your objectives, through specialized teaching on manoeuvring the wing, skiing technique and, of course, the secret of perfectly combining these key elements so you can master virgin slopes right from the start. The “speed riding lesson” package offers various advantages, including:


Teaching adapted to your needsTeaching adapted to your needs

Effective and personalized teaching methods

A schedule adapted to your goals

Optional video debriefing

To better respond to the needs of student riders, Val Speedriding limits its private lessons to a maximum of three riders.

Speedriding lesson price

Prices for private speed riding lessons can be found in the table here.
A 10% discount will be given to all riders with their own speed riding equipment.


We provide speed riding equipment (a wing + harness) adapted to your level and build
As mentioned above, a 10% discount will be given if you are using your own equipment.
We will also provide you with a radio earpiece to guide you in real time, as well as an approved helmet.